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Friday, February 5, 2010

New Pics from the Photoshoot :)

Here they are!! Let me know what you think or what are your favorites! :) Kool Kat Photography Shot them and did such a great job!! He gave us soooo many shots to choose from, there were literally 600! It was sooo hard! Katie Santry is the model (@katiesantry) and I styled along with Hair and make up for the shoot (@bjoykibbe ) Ttys loves :) I'm verrrrry sick so it's a miracle I got out of bed to post this! <3 Peace and Blessinsss. HAHA

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Pics of 2009

So here are some random pic from June 2009 and on. Hope you enjoy, some are fun some are exciting (Tswift oh ya!) Hope everything is going well. I was bored so I decided to post some fun pics. <3 B

HAHA bored at work!

Oh macbooking <3

fishy facessss

^ hahahahhahhahahahaha

I'm so cute! ^

ATL Glamour Kills tour! (2 days of pure bliss!)

< I LOVE HUNTER :) on the tour bus chilling with WTK :)

TSWIFT Concert pics (Columbus in July and Cleveland in October)

HAHA isn't he the cutest?!?! Christmas Eve at the Santrys

<3 Everyone :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Helllllo Dressing room

Ok soooo I spent all night organizing my dressing room closet space thingy and this is what I came up with. If your like me and love looking at other peoples pictures and clothes, you should like this. First I will show you how I basically store everything and then in each section I pickes some of my faves and decided to share why I think they are good pieces for YOU to have/get also. I'll be posting a modern vintage glamour look as soon as I can get together with Katie.  Enjoy :)
First here is my storage. I purchased all the racks at walmart and the most expensive one was the one in middle and that was 25 bucks. The white ones were cheap ( $9 ) but break EASILY! I also have a closet that is not in the pic.

This side of the rack is dressier shirts with cover ups behind them. (jackets blazers cardigans etc.) Here are some of my faves and why...
Amd absolute must have is a leather jacket ($20 @ MARSHALLS <3)

This next rack are all my dresses... As you can see I lovvvve dresses. I can't stop buying them and they are something I feel most comfortable. They can accentuate the good and hide the bad :)

More SEQUINS. You seriously can't go wrong they are so glamourous and fun! Don't do glamour overload with flashy jewelry or anything else sequined. Mix with a leather jacket to mix girly and punk!

So I love the floral print. Cute and fun and appropriate for other events other than going out.  You can throw a cute cardigan or jean jacket over for a cute look. Wedges or flat would be adorble with this.

 Yuppp these are the same dresses in black and white... LOL
More studded than sequined. ( I wore the white on new years) Fun for a night out :)

I DIE for gold and black together. A lot of people won't venture into the whole gold thing, but I think it's soooo vintage-y and fun. You can wear with anything but I'd do both of these with liquid leggings or some sort of print.

Probs one of my fav. trends right now are girly neutrals.  Soft pinks and creams  mixed with ruffles and embellishment... LOVE. That nude pink color is gorgeous and very flattering on sooo many skin tones.

Onto shoes....

3 essentials 1)"movie star" heels (sky high and edgy)
2) fun flirty and semi dressy shoes (booties, colorful)

3) Any kind of flat ( print, patent etc)

Ahhhh leggings and skirts. First off I LIVE IN LEGGINGS. They are so freakin comfortable and I love all the diff types of styles. My friend Katie got me those flowered ones and I'm obsessedddd. You can see the sequined ones behind them, but barely. Originally 98 I got them for 16 babyyyy

Last view of my little wardrobe room. It's being finished in February. I'm gonna have a chandelier in the middle. (very Lauren Conrad-ish <3) Still deciding what color walls... Suggestions??

Hope you enjoyed! Comment if you wantttt and follow me on twitter @bjoykibbe